We make FUN of everything-and we take that very seriously!

The MacArt Story

From its early beginnings in 2002, our creative marketing studio has been promoting fun, working alongside family entertainment facilities, to create more memories and harvest more excitement.


Rooted in agritourism and the rural world-MacArt Studios has been proudly and professionally promoting the direct-to-farm tourism economy for more than 15 years.  Richard and Jo MacArthur have been honored to consult in the marketing, branding and development of many amazing rural attractions around North America.


Stretching beyond those roots, we have also worked with fantastic family entertainment centres in urban centres, charitable family events, environmental education, and other important communications efforts we hold dear.



Today, MacArt Studios continues to bring joy and make memories by working with dozens of fantastic fun innovators around the country. Our studio serves the industry in three key areas:


Product Catalogue for Outdoor Attractions

Unique ideas we created specifically for outdoor tourism venues - our product listings grow every year based on needs we hear about and innovations we bring to the market. Outdoor Games, Signs, Puzzles, Trivia Trails and so much more, in store.


Creative Marketing Studio for Hire

Sometimes you can’t find what you need in the store… but our studio can work for you, creating custom signage solutions, original games, brochures, illustrated maps, and anything else your marketing heart desires.


Brand Strategy and Consulting

Advice you can trust comes from an independent expert who will provide answers and ideas based on industry knowledge and proven experience. For decades,  MacArt has been providing that support to dozens of family memory makers. Operators contract us to provide on-call and regular studio support. We support their in house team with chosen marketing services, from logos, to websites & social marketing, print ads, posters, mascots and everything in between.


MacArt Studios is located on our family farm and sugar bush in rural Ontario.

We are planning to open our studio for public tours in 2018.