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Lift, Tilt, and Play! All the FUN of a video game...without plugging in! 

Tilt-A-Maze® is completely self-contained, and self re-sets between gamers without the need for any electricity or staff supervision. Tilt-a-Maze® tables are suitable for children as young as 10 but will equally captivate the teens and adults! Each Maze Floor design has its own difficulty level, and unique play value. 

Square Check durable, weather-proof materials

Square Check self contained, no power required

Square Check self-guided play, no staff required

Square Check engages older kids...and adults too

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"roll the plank", pirate themed tilt-a-maze. Giant tilting ball maze table.
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FUNtastic Reviews:

“Wow! I purchased one of these, and quickly had to call and get 2 more. I could not believe how much they got played. Families love them during the day- but they were also huge hits with my evening guests. I love that I can just leave them anywhere and not worry about them at all. Super solid product- would recommend to any attraction.”

– Megan Snyder, Fear Farm & Snyders Farm


“MacArt did it again with this super fun, and authentic game. It keeps the older kids happy, and some adults tell us how much they enjoy the challenge, and come back to it- again and again. It's eye-catching and puts a smile on everyone's face. Great value! ”

– Steve Kustermans, Kustermans


“Super impressed with the quality of this product. I figured my customers would break it within the year, but after seasons of excited play with older kids & adults, it has held up incredibly well and actually still looks brand new. It's really great to have simple, no-fuss games that the big kids enjoy too.”

– Rick Hoff, a-MAZEing Acres